Tuesday, 1 May 2018

April 2018 // Days 113 - 119

April 23rd, 2018.
Berwick Bear! I'm loving all these carved wooden animals that have been popping up in town recently.

April 24th, 2018.
The only photos I took today were while I was taking photos for this blog post here.

April 25th, 2018.
Again, the second day in a row, the photo for today is a little bit of a fail as it was another shot for a blog post...

April 26th, 2018.
The mini potted tree in my garden flowers for like 0.0064% of the year. This is that time! haha

April 27th, 2018.
My bosses garden is a little bird paradise. (I was out washing the windows by the way, so I was working not just sitting in their garden haha)!

April 28th, 2018.
No better feeling than seeing my little man this content.

 April 29th, 2018.
Ending the week with vegan mug cake, vegan ice cream and vegan chocolate sauce :) Yum.


  1. That vegan mug cake looks delish! Harley is like Baker - he loves sprawling out in the sunshine. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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