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The Blog.
Welcome to Underland 2 Wonderland!
That name might sound familiar? If so you have probably encountered my main blog, Underland to Wonderland at some point! This here is my second blog, dedicated to it's own project and probably my biggest passion in life - Photography.
Over the past 2+ years I have used this space to document our lives in photos.
January 1st 2013 I decided that, after years of failed attempts at taking a photo everyday, I'd use my newly unemployed time to best effect and try afresh with Project 365. I did it! Though only just, and it was hard! I took, edited and uploaded a photo (almost) everyday. It meant having access to photoshop and of course wifi every single day that year...a little crazy. 
So in 2014, Project 52, one photo per weeks was the way to go. I still documented my year but didn't have as much stress and I did that too. 
Bringing us to this year. 2015 came and I was pretty certain that I wanted to try daily photos again but needed a ways of doing it without the panic that came the first time. As you may or may not of seen I've combined the ideas of both years and although I will take 365 photos, I will only upload 52 posts. I hope you will enjoy following along with our lives but most of all I look forward to looking back on it in years to come. 

The Blogger.
As for the face behind the camera, I'm Danielle. 24 years old and hailing from the most Northern town in England (of which you will see a lot of photos here!). I live with my other half, the bearded Jake and our 'pup' Baker who is a Border Collie Lurcher cross and who also features a heck of a lot here! haha 
My little family loves history, exploring and adventuring, nature and wildlife. We don't drink or party, or really do much that other people our age do! 

Welcome to our world.


  1. I love the idea of this project and you have some amazing photographs. x

  2. mad cool blog!!!! i should really get on doing a 365.. i just keep failing miserably! bah, discipline.


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