Tuesday, 29 August 2017

August 2017 // Days 232 - 238

 August 20th. Day 232.
Couldn't be a more converse, yet brilliant way to end a day.

August 21st. Day 233.
Spot the annoying, pointless thing out.

August 22nd. Day 234.
What an unnatural pose, which I'm pretty sure occurred naturally.

August 23rd. Day 235.
This view, 2 minutes from my front door, is never unappreciated.

August 24th. Day 236.
What an elegant beauty <3

August 25th. Day 237.
Only photo I took today - for this blog post.

August 26th. Day 238.
National Dog Day aka Baker's 5th Birthday yo!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

August 2017 // Days 225 - 231

August 13th. Day 225.
A little diamond in the rough!

August 14th. Day 226.
As above.

 August 15th. Day 227.
Unplanned chippy tea with Mam after job #3!

 August 16th. Day 228.
There's been a good amount of Goosanders popping up in the river recently and I'm not mad about it.

August 17th. Day 229.
I love when birds sit on this statue because her face is just like, 'really...again? I'm so sick of this'! ahaha

 August 18th. Day 230.
These beauts arrived today. Thanks to the star that is Rachel for picking them up for me. (They were out of stock when I visited in May).

 August 19th. Day 231.
Two weeks until I get this arm sorted out and don't need to be embarrassed of it anymore.
But then before this post went up I got my appointment pushed back a week so now it's 3. Uh.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

August 2017 // Days 218 - 224

August 6th. Day 218.
Pretty sure my dog is the best, cutest, loveliest little pup ever.

August 7th. Day 219.
Pretty skies as standard.

August 8th. Day 220.
Mam and I had a sneeky tea from the chippy and had a bit of an audience. I felt awful not feeding this guy as he had a poorly foot, but there is no way I will ever feed birds things that are bad for them...I wish other people would do the same.

August 9th. Day 221.
Super weird sunrise kind of situation this morning. The light and atmosphere in general felt surreal.

August 10th. Day 222.
If you know me you will know how difficult this was to take. Blurghhhh!!! But bee <3

August 11th. Day 223.
Still having issues with my eyes. Channeling my inner pirate tonight.

August 12th. Day 224.
I actually left the house today! Laura popped up with her new OH and we had a run out to Eyemouth. Fed the seals and everything. It was a canny day. :)

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

August 2017 // Days 211 - 217

July 30th. Day 211.
I think that first photo sums up mu whole project 365. Birds and bridges.
This shot of the book I was currently reading and the special Fairyland Haribo I was eating is too cute not to include too.

July 31st. Day 212.
The only shots I took today where for my 'What I Watched in July' blog post.

August 1st. Day 213.
PJs and Yoga time. Another rainy day = no outdoor photos :(

August 2nd. Day 214.
Busy buzzy bee!

August 3rd. Day 215.
Yet more rain, but it did fetch a pretty rainbow with it!

August 4th. Day 216.
Boo!!!! My first missed day since the start of May! Dang it.
August 5th. Day 217.
This is probably the darkest I've seen the sky in a long time (I go to bed before 9pm). As much as I love summer, I can't wait to see the stars come the darker nights.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July 2017 // Days 204 - 210

July 23rd. Day 204.
Playing the boyo's favorite game on the stairs <3

July 24th. Day 205.
Books and clean bedding!

July 25th. Day 206.
Quick snaps while walking home from work.

July 26th. Day 207.
Standard Royal Border Bridge and sky shot.

July 27th. Day 208.
There was 3 of these guys in my garden at once today. I wouldn't usually mind, but I know what they turn into and I am not down for that.

July 28th. Day 209.
Stayed at Mam and Dad's house with Mam and Baker tonight. Just missed capturing a fab mini starling murmuration earlier so has to settle for a shot of silhouetted seagulls.

July 29th. Day 210.
Say Hi to the new woodland creature in our forest of a living room. He still needs a name.