Tuesday, 25 July 2017

July 2017 // Days 197 - 203

 July 16th. Day 197.
I have a bird-dar and can spot them a mile off. Not that this one is even really hidden with the early morning sun highlighting him!

July 17th. Day 198.
Walked a different route to work today. Still nothing caught my eye to photograph so it's the famous Royal Border Bridge for the millionth time this year.

July 18th. Day 199.
Giant gobstopper.

July 19th. Day 200.
Top tip - Leaving it until bedtime to put the clean duvet on your stripped bed definitely helps with the tiredness if you struggle to sleep. I don't struggle to sleep however.

July 20th. Day 201.
My Greylag Goose pal again. He recognizes my voice now and comes running to the gate to see me, poking his head though.

July 21st. Day 202.
Don't you think Swan's feet are super cool?!

July 22nd. Day 203.
Surprise post at it's best! Forgetting that you've ordered or pre-ordered something and then it popping through your door randomly one day is such a great thing to perk you up.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

July 2017 // Days 190 - 196

July 9th. Day 190.
7th annual Race for Life for Mam and I! We just walk it, but beat a lot of the joggers haha. Walked the 5k in 50mins. Not bad for a 61 year old and an arthritic, asthmatic!

July 10th. Day 191.
I didn't take any proper photos today, just this one for this blog post.

July 11th. Day 192.
This guy recognizes my voice and looks for me whenever I'm passing on the way to and home from work. Stopped for a little seat with him and the swans today and he went to sleep <3 So cute.

July 12th. Day 193.
I just want to put these up already :( I've had one set of prints since my Dec '16 DLP trip and the others I picked up on my May trip but it's taken forever to find suitable frames. I got these at Ikea on Sunday but still haven't been able to get them on the wall. Boo.

July 13th. Day 194.
Baby birds on the way to work, set me up for a good day! I think this may be a juvenile robin...!

July 14th. Day 195.
Today was a physically and emotionally draining day. A very hard day. The only consolation is that the horrible disease of Dementia is with you no more Grandma.

July 15th. Day 196.
Two photos taken less than 10 minutes apart, from my bedroom window. The sky is always so magical.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

June 2017 // Days 183 - 189

July 2nd. Day 183.
Basic before bed sky filler photo.

July 3rd. Day 184.
I'd love to know what birds are thinking when they look at me like this.

July 4th. Day 185.
Rain, rain, means I can't take my camera outside...

July 5th. Day 186.
Peek-a-boo Mr Wood Pigeon!

July 6th. Day 187.
It's been since May 16th that Baker featured in this series. That's a long time! Look how cute he is using his frog toy as a pillow!

July 7th. Day 188.
Welcome to the family, new little Bunny!

July 8th. Day 189.
Ending the week with another sky. 6am this time.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

June 2017 // Days 176 - 182

June 25th. Day 176.
Mr Heron catching the morning rays!

June 26th. Day 177.
No sign of any wildlife apart for those of which I have photographed already and so I resorted to a flower photo.

June 27th. Day 178.
So today it rained. When it rains like this I can't take my camera out, so here is a photo of some weed/flower thing in my garden.
June 28th. Day 179.
It was a rainy day again today...but not as heavy so I risked taking my camera. I've been trying to get a crow photo for the past week or so, but this is all I could manage. Blaming the white sky and drizzle.

June 29th. Day 180.
Guess what? Rained again. Pretty bad too. This was taken from my front door.

June 30th. Day 181.
My bosses garden is the most magical birdy wonderland ever and if I wasn't there to work, I would sit and take photos for hours. (FYI, this was taken through the window in like 10 seconds before I started working ;P)

July 1st. Day 182.
30 Days Wild may be over, but I'm not finished p365! Had to snap a quick shot of these guilty looking crows having their little meating (that isn't spelt wrong accidently, they were eating a bird...) and then I didn't want to leave out this purpley shot so it's a twofer day.